My Approach

The human body is complicated and it can be frustrating, disheartening, and scary when we don't understand what is wrong. I enjoy getting to the bottom of an illness and educating people about their bodies in a way that helps

them to understand their unique route to healing. I use a number of tools to better understand what is happening in the body including, but not limited to, lab work, microbiome testing, food sensitivity testing, hormone testing, environmental allergy testing, and genetic testing. In combination with these tools as well as an extensive interview with my patients, I am able to better understand each of my patients as individuals and how to treat them on a more personal level. Illness, especially chronic illness, is complicated and there is not typically a one size fits all fix. This is often one of the many reasons patients seek out alternative medicine and a whole body holistic approach. The conventional approach with medications has not worked for them or even resulted in unwanted side effects. I find that most people want to understand their bodies and feel empowered when making decisions about their health. It's important to me to take into account the invasiveness of a treatment option, financial constraints, desired time frames, and personal preferences when putting together a treatment plan for my patients. In this way I can be an advocate, team member, and cheerleader for each person I see to reach a state of health and wellbeing.