The face can shed up to 5x more skin cells than any other location on the body. Things that can contribute to this is the weather, products we put on our skin, and skin type/ genetics. 

Keratin (dead skin cells) that get stuck in the pores. 

What Causes Acne? 

Schedule a visit with Dr. Richardson to learn more about your skin type and what is needed to control your acne. Outlined below is a little more insight into what causes acne and how Dr. Richardson approaches every patient's individual treatment plan. Each individualized acne protocol will include a treatment regimen that is specifically tailored to your skin type as well as what kind of acne you have. This is not a one size fits all approach. 

Acne Treatment & Care


Things That Affect Keratin Buildup

By controlling the amount of keratin that can get stuck in our pores, we can help eliminate acne. The first step to doing this is understanding the reasons that contribute to dead skin cells accumulating in our pores.

1. Skin type

2. Pore type

3. Genetics

4. Environment

5. Products you use

What Causes Pores To Be Sticky?

Acne is caused by the build up of dead skin cells that get stuck in our pores. Most of the things that people attribute to causing acne are things that actually cause our pores to become "sticky." The stickier our pores are, the easier it is for keratin to get trapped, causing acne.

However, if we can control the amount of keratin present we can control acne!

1. Hormones

2. Foods We Eat

3. Stress

4. Products We Use

5. Medications

Components Of The Treatment Regimen

One of the major goals of ANY acne regimen is to prevent dryness. When skin is dry and flaky, it sets up an environment for inflammation, infection, and worsened acne outbreaks. 

1. Face Wash (non-drying)

2. Toner (corrects pH)

3. Serum (dissolves keratin)

4. Moisturizer

5. Acne Med (treat infection)

6. Sun Screen (to protect the skin)

Check out Dr. Richardson's video series on what causes your acne and how to eliminate it forever! 

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Cause of Acne 

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