Schedule an acne consultation with Dr. Richardson via video consult today!

$35 initial online consult

  • Get a plan: 

    • without harsh chemicals or medications​

    • tailored to your acne and skin type

    • that is a affordable  

It generally takes 3-4 months to achieve clear skin and it is recommended to check in every 2 weeks to adapt the plan based on how your skin is responding. 

Each subsequent visit will also be

$35 per visit.

*If you live in the State of WA and have an insurance that Dr. Richardson is in net-work with she is required to bill your insurance for your visit.  

** If you do not live in the State of WA then Dr. Richardson is not able to function as your doctor and only as a consultant. This means she is not able to diagnosis any condition or prescribe any medications. She can only act as a wellness consult and give suggestions of products.  

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